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Chief Executive Advisor

Are you and your company ready for the next level of success? Then our advisorship is your key to distinction.

Build for Legacy

Building your company into profitability is noble, BUT building your life & company into a Legacy is distinguishable. Leave a mark not only on your customers, but your children and the world. The rewards of Executive Coaching with Ron Kardashian- START TODAY!

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Healthy Brain-Healthy Business

We Build Better Brains and Better Leaders. Your Brain in Unique and Special. It CANNOT BE treated like all the rest. The more you know about you THE GREATER AND MORE SUCCESSFUL YOU BECOME. Get started with our SIMPLE 3 Step process and Mind Assessment.

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3 ways to get involved with Coach Ron’s programs:

Executive Validations

Great place to start with the coach, no obligation.

  • Secured environment to address pain points
  • Watch others succeed in a group setting
  • Gives non-verbal permission for you to succeed
  • Removes shame, intimidation and fear in workplace and personal life
  • Fits time constraints of a busy professional life

For the Busy CEO
Get Your Brain and Company Assessed
2 coaching sessions plus brain strengths and business assessment

An Executive Validation (EV) of your brain and company, proving your strengths and narrowing your liabilities. A person who knows their strengths minimizes their liability and creates unlimited success. This is the course for those who are ready to uncover their corporate and cognitive strengths.

  • Clients report that Coach accelerated them 5-10 years
  • Learn the traits that are holding you back
  • Learn how to form and build your business
  • Mirror and replicate the traits of multi-millionaires
  • Overcome fears
  • Create more confidence
  • Develop self worth to increase net worth
  • Practices for predictable behavioral strategies
  • Increase brain strength
  • Enhance physical performance
  • Every client receives a 6-10 page report provided as a strategy on how to execute your vision

Platinum Level
Private, In-person Session

Designed for small business, entrepreneurs, partners, sales and leadership teams.

You and your team will meet with Coach Ron in person.

  • Corporate team training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Getting you and your partners unstuck
  • Strategy sessions to scale and grow your business
  • Increase productivity Reduce stress
  • Corporate sales coaching and training
  • Measurable solutions to raw, upfront, and real issues that business owners face
  • Business and life balance wisdom
  • Requirements for accelerated growth
  • Strategies for disbursing big wealth
  • Exclusive networking

Meet Coach Ron

Heart of gold, genuine leadership coach and your next level advisor.


Ron Kardashian has made it his mission in life to deliver a relevant message to every client and crowd he speaks to. His ability to listen to the needs of others backed both by his in-depth knowledge of human psychology and physiology has given him the ability to easily equip others quickly with the specific tools necessary needed in order to live maximum impacting, fruitful, and on-point lives.

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Autographed Copy of 30 Second Solution

In a very short time, the world has changed exponentially. We are more connected than ever before, but many of us are so “plugged in” that we are disconnected from the moment at hand. We have access to more information than we can process, and we have unlimited choices that delude us, distract us, and derail us from our goals. In the 30-Second Solution, one of the nation’s most respected life coaches, Ron Kardashian, shares his proven techniques that have helped thousands of people change their lives with tremendous results. Easily incorporated into any busy daily routine, the methods will immediately change the way people think, feel, and respond to decisions they make on a regular basis, not just in the short term, but for remainder of their lifetime.

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